To be a resource in preventing suicide by education, support for those impacted by suicide, as well as an outreach and connection to other available resources.


We strive to provide a safe and reliable place to turn to when you are in search of caring and confidential help. Our desire is to stomp out the stigma pertaining to suicide and mental health.


When Barb and Breck lost their son to suicide in 2018, they were obviously shell-shocked and left with the heartbreaking questions of, “why, why and why?”. They realized that just trying to find a way to “accept” and “cope” with their loss would lead to an unfulfilled calling. Through Jesus Christ, support from family, friends, and their church, they chose to turn a terrible tragedy around. Since then, Barb and Breck have dedicated themselves to education and vigorous training in mental health and suicide awareness. Out of devotion to help fulfill their calling, United STEPS was established in October of 2021. They have formed an intentional Board of Directors and partnered with many valuable volunteers. Though each team member has a different background, each person has been affected by suicide in some unfortunate circumstance. Therefore, the calling of United STEPS is to help make a positive difference via educational, preventative or personal support. The United STEPS team is committed to raise awareness and educate our communities to end the stigma and prevent suicide.